Pictures of Warboys shops etc from the not so distant past....

The following photos are from Pauline Burroughs (nee Shelton) collection. She posted them on Warboys Fen History Facebook page and has given permission for them to be more widely available.
Warboys had many small shops selling nearly all the items for a weekly shop. Now there are only four – Wards chemist, Amars, the Windmill café bakery and the Spar now where Stewards was.

The Spar shop before it moved to where Stewards was. I think this was a
smaller shop and was Route’s before being extended and becoming Spar.
Also, I think Mr Route ran a catalogue where you could buy things and pay weekly. I think that’s where my mum got her first carpet from.

The Stag and Hounds at Oldhurst which was frequented after the Pelican closed down. I remember Peggy Baxter running it.

The house between Audreys and the chip shop was also a little grocery store if I remember rightly.

Audreys in the 90’s; not much has changed from then.

Barclay’s Bank, now a private residence. The bank closed on April 7th 2000.


Warboys Chippy! This was Toselands (now Kims) many years ago and has changed hands a few times. I’m sure the lovely people of Warboys will be able to remember who they were. The house next to it on the right hand side was also a shop that sold
electrical items.

Adams and Oliver on Ramsey Road on the right hand side past the Clock Tower. They sold and serviced Rolls Royce and Bentleys. 

The petrol was very cheap then 38p per gallon in 1973!

Hodson’s lorry always very neat and tidy.

Newsagents Warboys newsagents. At the time when this was taken it was run by Davies. I remember when it was Wakefield & Darling. It employed many children of the village to do a paper round, myself included. Thursday’s were a nightmare – the day of the Hunts Post. I used to do the paper round for Ramsey Road and Jubilee Avenue. I remember Thursdays so well. Balancing the bag on the handle bars of my bike. Steering with one hand and holding the bag with the other. I had a basket on the front of my bike so had it resting on that too but had to pull on the bag to stop it weighing down too much or it made the mud guard rub on the front tyre. Went out in all weathers too. There was also a barber’s in the back room. I also remember there being a little launderette at the side of the shop at one point. There was also a ladies hairdressers upstairs I think it was run by Angela Baxter.

Feekins Stores on the corner of Ramsey Road in around 1990. Was the only shop in Warboys to open on Sundays.

Another shop that was. It used to be to the left of Audrey’s he sold chalk,
shoe laces etc. if you dared to go into the shop. Setchells- a hardware shop

This is the Ivy House shop which used to be Bet Paynes.

I’m pretty sure that this used to be Nobles Fish & Chip Shop. Used to go in for a bag of chips with scraps & lashings of salt and vinegar. This was taken in the 90’s. Said to be a Nationwide Building Society in the1980’s.

Jo-Anns hairdresser with betting shop on right.

I know a few people thought Setchell’s became Bet Payne’s but this might jog their memories. This one is of Bet Payne’s shop. A brilliant little shop for fruit & veg.

Brown’s Coaches near the clock tower. I believe the little grocery store further up used to be Caveney’s and then Measures years ago. I think the house between that and Brown’s was also a shop. Cox’s springs to mind. I think they sold wallpaper in1987. It was also a cinema at some time.

Cliffords Garage. The small shop on the right was a Lloyds Bank.

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