Warboys Landfill Action Group (WLAG)

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Background and history of WLAG

WLAG was set up in the 1990's to stop the dumping of hazardous waste into the landfill site at the bottom of Puddock Hill, bearing in mind that approval had only been given for non-hazardous waste.

The dumping of hazardous waste was stopped but no final decision has been made as to the toxic waste already dumped in the site.

Under current negotiations between Woodford, The Environment Agency and others it has been agreed that the unfilled cell(s) will only be filled with non-hazardous waste.  This achieves one of the final objectives of WLAG but the other final objective of WLAG has not been satisfactorily achieved.  This is that the whole of the site (including that which contains the hazardous waste) be monitored and controlled in perpetuity so the site is safe for the people of Warboys and those in the Fens for ever!

A Forum to discuss matters relating to the Landfill site meets regularly.  The members of the forum are:-  Cambridgeshire County Council, Huntingdonshire District Council, Warboys Parish Council, Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Board, WLAG, Warboys representatives and Woodford.

Please note that Woodford, the current owners of the Landfill site, were not responsible for the dumping of hazardous waste - this was Fenside Waste Management.  Woodford now have the responsibility for the whole site.