Refuse Collection
Contact Tel:
  01480 388640

Day: typically Tuesday or Wednesday for most of the village but it is different for parts of the village so contact Hunts DC by phone or website to confirm details

Type of Collection: Wheelie bins used as follows (typical collection day):
        Grey Wheelie Bin for Household Waste (Tuesday)
        Blue Wheelie Bin for Mixed Dry Recycles e.g. Paper, Cardboard, Plastics type 1, 2, 3 and others plastic types but not hard plastics like toys; and clothes if wrapped separately (Tuesday)
        Green Wheelie Bin for Garden Waste and certain types of kitchen waste. (Wednesday)

Frequency: Alternate Weeks, Grey one week, Green and Blue the following week.  Click HERE for more on collection dates.

Detail of what goes in each bin click HERE

Bank Holidays:  Collection usually one day late - a leaflet is usually left to confirm.

For further information ring the above number or click on the above link to Huntingdonshire District Council