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What is timebanking? Timebanking is about sharing our time to help others and earning credits for the time given. One hour of time is equal to one credit. The individual with the credits can then use this credit towards an hour of someone else’s time for something that they may need help with. Alternatively, they can save up the credits and use through the Time Credit National Network – visit www.timecredit.com

Examples of support that may be required within your community are: Dog Walking, Cleaning, Cooking, Gardening, Shopping, companionship, learning a new skill such as a language or musical instrument, transport, reading, writing and computer skills to name just a few.

For more information use the following links:

Members Handbook click 'HERE' for a pdf version.

Time Bank Adult Safeguarding click 'HERE' for a pdf version.

Time Bank Warboys Members Forms click 'HERE' for a pdf version.

Time Bank poster click 'HERE' for a pdf version.