Why is the Weir so called?
This history of the Warboys Village pond was written by Joan Cole

The name evolved from PONDWAREWEIR

In 1887 the then Parson Rev Hill wanted to tidy up some houses in the High St by plastering them with clay (clay & daub) and the closest place to get clay was the Village POND (as it was then called) and in doing so enlarged it. After this it became known as the WARE POND/PIT = Ware and Gault being another old Fen name for clay; and as we know Warboys people always shorten things! On all early Village Postcards in the 1900s it was simply called WARE. This changed when a new teacher joined the old Baptist school (now the Library), who I am led to believe came from the north of England where they had actual weirs and not knowing the History of Village assumed Fen people had spelt it wrong and it should be spelt WEIR! And people in those days didn't question a teacher! The following post is an 1897 document when the 3 lamps were erected referring to the WARE.

The following is a more recent photo of the Weir taken in 2017
© Joan Cole 2017

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