Warboys Town Crier

From a photo collection of Joan Cole
Photo of the Warboys Town Crier, David Huggins, around 1940

Town Crier's Bell
Photo © Joan Cole 2021
Photo of the Warboys Town Crier's Bell proudly owned by Joan Cole.

Memory of the Town Crier by Joan Cole:

I can't remember seeing him but heard a lot about him. One such time was when Mrs Palmer, who lived at De Ramsey Court, she told me that when she was young and lived down Fenton Road she lost her Gold Locket and asked David Huggins, the Warboys Town Crier, to Cry for her. She offered 10/- Shillings reward if found. His fee for crying was also 10/-. For this he rang his Bell and shouted OYEZ, OYEZ, LOST IN VILLAGE, GOLD LOCKET REWARD OFFERED IF FOUND 10/- SHILLINGS, OYEZ, OYEZ,! This he did at THE CLOCK, THE WEIR and at STATION ROAD. It was FOUND by MR GEORGE HODGSON and the reward was duly paid.

Warboys in the 1940's was a bit like Facebook today! For finding lost items.

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