© Joan Cole 1978

Number 44 High Street, Warboys has an interesting background.

Prior to becoming a normal family home it was a General Store in the village and before that as well as being a store it had a thatched Blacksmiths just to the right of the house. 

The photos shown here will show various stages in the life of the house since the great fire of 1835.

Photo from the collection of David Burbridge

Photo of 44, High Street Warboys probably around 1880 showing thatched Blacksmith’s (it was not actually called 44 until much later).

To the left is a grocers shop (which looks like a house) being run by Caroline Middleton the mother of the John Middleton, the blacksmith, at this time (see 1881 census).

© Joan Cole 1978

Photo from the collection of David Burbridge

44 High Street Warboys, probably around 1900. Shows grocers shop and thatched Blacksmith’s to the right hidden behind tree.

The blacksmith is John Middleton with daughter Jane (called Jenny) and baby. John’s wife Mary ran the Grocers shop with Jenny (1901 census).

Sketch © David Burbridge 2012

The Grocers shop and the Blacksmiths during the early 1900’s.  The Blacksmiths closed down around 1924 after John Middleton died as there was no-one to take it over.

Photo © David Burbridge 1935

44, High Street Warboys probably about 1935 showing grocers shop and outside stands Tom Huggins and his wife Jenny (nee Middleton) seated. Jenny ran the shop and Tom was the village postman.

pPhoto © David Burbridge 1951

Grocers/general store in 1951 at what is now 44 High Street Warboys, a normal family home. Note: the bay shop window which was not there in 1900 and is not there in the current house.

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