Shops in Warboys
including Mobile Shops
  Windmill Bakery and Tea Room, High Street, Warboys (Clock Tower end by George Lane), Tel: 01487 812623, Link to e-mail

  Nearest is probably at Old Hurst, the next nearest in Ramsey.

  J & A Carpets, 13 Ramsey Road, Warboys (by The Paddock), Tel:  01487 823023  or  07856974822  or  07802971204, Link to: e-mail
  Wards Chemist, 1 Ramsey Road, Warboys (by clock tower), Tel: 01487 822387
Drapers (Wool/Clothes/Haberdashery):
  Audrey, 103 High Street, Warboys (Near Weir), Tel: 01487 822401
  Ivan Barrett's Garage, Station Road, Warboys (by junction of Heath Road), Tel: 01487 822474

Warboys Hardware, High Street, Warboys (opposite School Road): Hardware, DIY and Garden Products: Tel: 01487 822201, E-mail, website:
  Amar, High Street, Warboys (near Clock Tower), Tel: 01487 822703
  Spar, Mill Green, Warboys (almost opposite Madecroft) 
  Davies, 43 High Street, Warboys (opposite Library), Tel: 01487 822326
Post Office:
  Post Office, High Street, Warboys (opposite School Road), Tel: 01487 822201. E-mail, FAD code 3022307
Mobile Shops
  Tony's Grimsby Fish, Tuesday delivery of Fresh Fish to your home (no delivery charge): Tel: 07950 552200
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